Privacy Policy

Below is our privacy policy, which describes how Confirmed, Inc., the parent company of Wi-Fi Widget, handles your personal information when you use our services.
Wi-Fi Widget is a software product that provides a VPN service for businesses and consumers around the world. The functionality requires an iOS app that is downloadable on the App Store and a Confirmed server, which is located across twelve different countries.
Your privacy is very important to us, and our servers have been audited by multiple security experts to ensure the highest level of protection when using our service.
Wi-Fi Widget, and any app by Confirmed, Inc., does not collect, store, or sell any data, including but not limited to browsing history, IP addresses, DNS queries, or application usage. The only information we collect from a client is anonymized device hardware, iOS version, Wi-Fi Widget software version, and crash data to help improve our service. This cannot be traced back to a user and does not provide any personal information.
In the event that Wi-Fi Widget is required to comply with law enforcement officials, we require a subpoena, warrant, and/or other legal documents that compel us to comply. In those cases, we shall only disclose the limited information above, which does not include personal data.
We want to remain an open and transparent company, and any and all changes to our privacy policy will be updated here. Your security and privacy is Confirmed, Inc.‘s top priority, and we will ensure you are safe while using the Internet.