Widgets, Meet Wi-Fi.

Save time and frustration with the fastest way to see, test, and share your wi-fi, without even unlocking your iPhone.

See Your Wi-Fi

"No more waiting around for a page to load, then seeing a minute later that I'm on some random router named 'NETGEAR' with no internet."

- R. Dewan

Share Password

"A single tap to share my wifi network's name and password with a colleague visiting my home. From the lock screen!"

- M. Fernandez

Switch Networks

"To switch from my living room wifi to my bedroom wifi, I just tap the widget and it takes me directly to Wi-Fi Settings."

- S. Wong

Test Wi-Fi Speed

"How fast is my wifi? I get it by tapping the widget to get results in megabytes per second. It couldn't be easier."

- D. Garg

“Wi-Fi Widget is a simple little app, but it does what it’s supposed to do well, and it’s pretty handy for anyone who moves between routers.”

Wi-Fi Widget Gives You Quick Access to Wi-Fi Info and Passwords

“Well-designed and a great tool for any iOS users. The ability to quickly and easily share your home Wi-Fi password is easily worth the price of admission.”

Manage Your Wireless World With Wi-Fi Widget

“It’s a utility that is practically sans-interface, yet adds something minute enough to the system to invoke a “Why hasn’t this been done before?””

Wi-Fi Widget: A Welcome Wi-Fi Shortcut

Secure and Private

Wi-Fi passwords are synced securely and privately through iCloud Keychain, so only you have access.

3D Touch

Put Wi-Fi Widget on your home screen for even faster access to your wi-fi summary and password sharing.

“Wouldn’t it be better if there was a quick and easy way to see which access point you are connected to at any time?”

- Redmond Pie, January 30th, 2017
Wi-Fi Widget Lets You See Access Point Name, Test Latency From Anywhere

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